Sunday, December 04, 2016 Development Updates - The GitHub Issue Report

The Steemit dev team has been busy since the last update! We have avatars now, profiles, 100% SP badges, and updates to the wallet - just to name a few. Very cool!! Several issues have dropped off the list :)
Since other users have written posts about the new features that have been added, I will exclude things that are now done/live, and focus on things that are still in the works.

To make the report cleaner, I am now excluding issues that have not been updated since the last report. If you are curious about the status of issues not listed here, please check out the previous post or the actual GitHub issues page.
Reminder - the changes that are in this report are things that are being considered as well as being worked on. There is no guarantee that all of these will actually be implemented and put up on to the site. It does give you a good idea of what they are up to though :)

I will also use these tags to help clarify what has changed since the last report:
  • [NEW] - This is a new issue that has been added. 
  • [UPDATE] - This is an existing issue that has been updated since the last report.
Posting Rules Guide [UPDATE]

GitHub Issue 153 is adding a guide to explain the posting rules to users. Development has been worked on, but it is not complete yet. (Stay tuned!)

Upload Images [UPDATE]

GitHub Issue 396 will allow users to upload images directly into posts, rather than having to use a third party image hosting site. The issue was recently re-opened by one of the Steemit devs, so it is likely that they are planning to work on it soon.

Witness Proxy Vote [NEW]

Users are able to vote for witnesses "by proxy". Currently, the only way to do this is with the blockchain API. GitHub Issue 464 will allow users to set this via the GUI. The issue was recently assigned to a developer, so they will likely start work on it soon.

Split Blog Tab into Blog and Resteemed Tabs [NEW]

A pull request was submitted for this under GitHub Issue 616, although it turns out that a blockchain change is needed in order to support it. @bitcoiner is looking into this under Steem GitHub Issue 581.

Add Clarification to Power Down Rule [NEW]

They want to update it so that if users are unable to power down, it will show a message: This account requires N STEEM (10x account creation fee) worth of Steem Power before it can power down. This is being worked on in GitHub Issue 665.

Miscellaneous Bugfixes [UPDATE]

A lot of the issues that are being worked on right now are bugfixes. I did decide to exclude them since I think most users are just interested in seeing the enhancements. If there is interest in seeing them all here, let me know. The dev team has indicated that they are giving bugfixes high priority at the moment.

This concludes the list of relevant issues that I found to report on. There is a lot of design work going on behind the scenes related to new features, but they haven't been added to GitHub yet. Once I see them create issues for things that are being discussed/planned, I will add them to the report.

If you are interested, you can view all of the open issues here:

A reminder to vote for witnesses here:

Author: @timcliff
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