Monday, December 05, 2016

This hard fork asks one big question: Money or Power?

That's my take on this coming hard fork: it ask the users, especially the whales, what do they value more.

Because the only reason to be Powered Up now would be to be able to dictate what goes trending, who gets money and who's gonna flourish around here. You can participate just as well with no SP and money in the bank, but will it be the same after you had influence? We already know what Frank Underwood would chose because...

There's a certain high to having power, isn't there? If you never had it or can't have it in your day to day life, as it is the case with most of us, being powerful on Steemit was SOMETHING. I'm sure many have felt that, even smaller whales. Hard to let go of that.

On the other hand, there's allure to money too. It's nice to see your account estimated value and something entirely different to actually have those money.

@dantheman said that whoever remains, it will be strong, visionary people. Getting rid of the weak hands is a mandatory step toward Steemit success. Maybe. Because why have you money locked on a site when you don't believe in it, so all who do, will be true believers and push it forward. Hopefully.
Right now, I'm more interested in what the big guys will chose and what does that tell us about our current state of affairs.

That's the question. The answer will be clear soon. I'll be watching.
We all will!

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