Saturday, December 10, 2016

SteemLIVE! Introducing live talk show hosted by the STEEMPOWERTWINS!

Hello Steemit!

We spent the day yesterday on BeyondBitcoin hearing some of the many awesome projects built off the Graphene blockchain and talking about our newest project, SteemLIVE! We wanted to wait until we were further along in the project to officially announce it, but the community was so excited about our idea and it's now leaked :) We think we owe it to all of you to announce that we will be launching SteemLIVE! Q1 of 2017.

What is SteemLIVE!?

Many Steem projects are popping up and this is fantastic for Steem! However, it's starting to feel a bit disconnected. Currently, there isn't one central hub for viewing current news and updates on each initiative. That is all about to change with SteemLIVE!. This is an uncensored live talk show (with an official set and filmed in HD) where we unite STEEM projects in one place. Our vision is to be the bridge between Steemit HQ, Steem projects, and the community. In addition to bringing you well researched news and updates, we want to showcase our personalities and deliver information in a fun and entertaining way.

Why Steemit NEEDS SteemLIVE!?

A live talk show can be controversial, compelling, and a powerful addition to our community. A communication approach through video has been proven to have a lasting impact when delivering a message. This is our chance to promote Steemit and appeal to Millennials. We know other cryptocurrency infused social networks that will be launching soon...

Our show will separate Steemit from its competitors. An entertaining and uncensored talk show could determine who is heard, who gets credit, and ultimately who wins.

How you can support us.

  1. Support us with a simple upvote or resteem this post (we will be publishing a series of posts until we raise the funding needed).
  2. Donate SBD or Steem.
  3. Have extra server space? Donate a witness node.

Below is our formal proposal that details our implementation strategy and support needs. We value transparency!

Do you want your project to be heard? Support us now by becoming a Sponsor!

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