Saturday, December 10, 2016

Let's buy some gold with our Steem!

In my original post I announced that we could now all buy gold with Steem. I had no idea I would get such a positive response!

For more on Goldmoney you can check out my article here:

There was a demand for a more detailed explanation of the process. So Steemians.... here we go :)

Sign up for Goldmoney here:

Once you have a Goldmoney account, in the main dashboard click "deposit."

How to Buy Gold with Steem

Hello Steemit!

We spent the day yesterday on BeyondBitcoin hearing some of the many awesome projects built off the Graphene blockchain and talking about our newest project, SteemLIVE! We wanted to wait until we were further along in the project to officially announce it, but the community was so excited about our idea and it's now leaked :) We think we owe it to all of you to announce that we will be launching SteemLIVE! Q1 of 2017.

SteemLIVE! Introducing live talk show hosted by the STEEMPOWERTWINS!

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Following the recommendation of @andrarchy I watched this very interesting video about how great leaders inspire people.

Inspiring video

In the video Simon Sinek explains that every company which manages to inspire people starts from the position of "why" and then uses this to inform "how" they do what they do, and then "what" they do (what products and services they offer). Most companies, on the other hand, start from "what" they offer and then reverse engineer "how" they go about creating their products, and finally deriving some half-hearted "why."

"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it"

What is your "Why" of Steemit

Introduce myself as the first Doctor who accepts Steem as a mean of payment for medical care ;)
Hello Steemit community!

As it seems to be the first thing to do, let me introduce myself to Steemit community :)

My name is Vinciane, 31Yrs old and i am actually a french doctor (General practitioner) from Aix en Provence, a really beautiful city in the south of France!

My boyfriend @damien-beverly spoke to me about Bitcoin and Steemit few weeks ago.

As he was so excited with speaking about Steemit EVERY DAY (sometime it was too much lol) , i decided to make my homework and on his advice i started to read Steemit whitepaper... trying to understand and to figure out what he always spoke about...

(Honestly,on a first place, i did it because i am a good girlfriend lol and because i was really interested in discovering what was this thing which monopolize some of our time together...)
What a good idea he had!! I've just discovered cryptocurrencies ans Steemit and i already like it !!

Waouuhhh Steemit future seems to be explosive! So many possibilities and it is so amazing to bring to people all over the world this amazing concept!!

The best thing for now that i discovered is that women are equal to men on Steemit and to be honest i like it for that!!

I discovered @heiditravels and WAOOOUUHHH this girl rocks!!
That's amazing to be able to travel like this thanks to steemit!! (I guess that it is not only thanks to steemit but still...waouhhhh!!)

So here we are!! I've just created my profile and i've just decided to begin allowing my patients to pay their medical care with bitcoin and Steem Dollars

Ok for now it is a little confusing to understand correctly how does it work (specially bitcoin wallet etc...) but my boyfriend @damien-beverly trained me everyday as soon as i have some free time so no worries ;)

For now i think that it is not so develloped in France but i think that being the first (or one of the first??) to accept this mean of payment will be my small contribution to Steemit community devellopment!!

@damien-beverly told me to identify myself so here below is my "introduceyourself" picture !


Introduce myself as the first Doctor who accepts Steem as a mean...

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The Responsibility for the Success of the Steemit Platform Partly Relies on Us as Users.

Today the Hardfork of the Steem blockchain is occurring. Many folks are super excited about the changes to the economy. I always like to be the one that likes to remind people that a platform is nothing unless the user base builds a solid community.

Building a Solid Foundation for the Steemit Community

Monday, December 05, 2016

The censorship on other social media platforms is increasing, at a very rapid pace, especially following the 2016 US presidential elections, and with all this "fake news" agitations.

Steemit could Massively Profit from Social Media Censorship

That's my take on this coming hard fork: it ask the users, especially the whales, what do they value more.

Because the only reason to be Powered Up now would be to be able to dictate what goes trending, who gets money and who's gonna flourish around here. You can participate just as well with no SP and money in the bank, but will it be the same after you had influence? We already know what Frank Underwood would chose because...

There's a certain high to having power, isn't there? If you never had it or can't have it in your day to day life, as it is the case with most of us, being powerful on Steemit was SOMETHING. I'm sure many have felt that, even smaller whales. Hard to let go of that.

On the other hand, there's allure to money too. It's nice to see your account estimated value and something entirely different to actually have those money.

@dantheman said that whoever remains, it will be strong, visionary people. Getting rid of the weak hands is a mandatory step toward Steemit success. Maybe. Because why have you money locked on a site when you don't believe in it, so all who do, will be true believers and push it forward. Hopefully.
Right now, I'm more interested in what the big guys will chose and what does that tell us about our current state of affairs.

That's the question. The answer will be clear soon. I'll be watching.
We all will!

This hard fork asks one big question: Money or Power?

Steemit News ( is Steemit’s answer to the disinformation, misinformation, propaganda and brainwashing that has become the standard of modern journalism. With the help of Steemit journalists and curators, Steemit News will provide timely, informative and accurate information on current events.

Teaming up with curation guilds, including SteemTrails, Curie and other efforts, Steemit News will watch for excellent news content for our readers. It is our goal to grow into a viable news outlet, featuring Steemit authors from around the world.

Curation has already started in the #news category as well as #newslink. All articles with one (or both) of these tags will be posted on our new website (still under construction).

Featured articles will be highlighted on the site and will only include those resteemed by the account. Beginning soon, Steemit News will be monitoring only articles that include the #steemitnews tag. If you want to be included, please begin using it right away, but...

For #steemitnews curation and publication, we’re only looking for particularly excellent content. So, while the website will include all #news and #newslink articles, the focus and attention will be on featuring excellent and insightful content.

So we have three levels of participation:

Introducing Steemit News: One Agenda - The Truth Without Bias

This post is inspired by other steemit users and recent conversations with them, especially @beanz (great comment on Dan´s latest post about Steem Sports!). Thank you for that!

Please excuse eventual grammatical errors, I am not a native speaker.

Who are you and who would you like to be?

The very first step when creating a new brand is defining its 'personality' by corresponding brand values. An important step is not only defining the already existing values but also the future values (to be developed).

We all do know this question from job interviews: where do you see yourself in 5 years?

The only way to be able to reply to that question is having any idea where you will end up. 

Does steemit wanna be a blog based on blockchain or a blockchain based on bloggers?

One thing we need to know is that the desired masses won´t join a platform which they cannot understand. I studied Computer Science in Media but even for me it´s hard to follow the concept sometimes. Furthermore, from my (very subjective) point of view the ones who don´t have any idea from Computer Science are 'treated' accordingly. Newbies sometimes must feel like a small fish in a pool full of sharks. Introduction posts are heavily voted, celebrating a warm welcome but then 'good luck'. One very helpful item easy to implement could be e.g. a FAQ for new users. 

Wasn´t this meant to be a CONTENT PLATFORM using blockchain technology where people are rewarded with crypto currency? 

Most of the big projects running right now are focussed on curation and vote allocation. But what if there was no quality content where you could allocate these perfectly trailed vote-accumulations? What if user stop producing content because they just don´t know why they should publish it on steemit and not on another platform? Does a new user (without any higher level IT background) even understand how all these complex voting systems work? Who the hell is a bot? According to the questions in the chat a lot of users would be almost happy if they understood how to manually vote on an article (being far away from using bots or any other tools to improve their return).

The 1 million dollar questions is: Who are you, steemit?

Are you an open-minded community celebrating steemfest, being the very first social media network able to do a transfer from virtuality to reality? Are you a bloggers´ paradise where finally all these writing talents get rewarded for their valuable content? Are you a revolutionary anarchistic system trying to be an alternative solution to the already existing financial system? Are you a crypty currency experts island? Who are you, steemit?
It seems like every Steemian has his/her own definition of what steemit is.

In a certain way this is brilliant, because it totally reflects the 'freedom of speech' (opinion) a de-centralized system should have. This is working for the already existing users - these more or less 3,000 active users who are still here.
But when it comes to acquire new users and particularly keep them, you need a face!

There was a nice challenge in the Christmas calendar on the 1st of December (an excellent sweet little project, thanks for that @good-karma): "How would you describe Steem(it) to your friends with just one sentence?"

Most of the answers pointed out the blogging experience, community and reward on content. The social aspects in combination with reward were clearly outstanding. There were only a few comments, so it´s not really representative, but I guess that in a big survey the results would be the same.
Management rule no. 1: all or nothing

Whatever the image of steemit is and in which direction the platform is meant to proceed, it has to be clearly defined. All or nothing!
You cannot be a World champion in tennis and soccer at the same time.

You cannot care about your weaknesses when you wanna be strong. You cannot be a mass medium and a blockchain experts forum at the same time.

I would be happy to get your comments on that.

Marly -

Picture source Sherlock:
Picture source quote:
Picture source Wanted:

Author: @surfermarly

BLOCKCHAIN VS. BLOGCHAIN - Who are you, steemit?

Hello everyone, what an amazing overwhelming interest at yesterdaysannouncement of the new Badges. So here they are and free to use, part 1 will be the "Minnow" Badge, enjoy !

If you like the Report please follow, re-steem, upvote and comment.
Note: 100% of the payout of this post will be paid out in Steem Power!

Author: @elyaque

Free Steemit Badges: Part 1 , The "Minnow" Badge

STEEMFEST Recap Website made to preserve some collective memories from Amsterdam 

Hello Steemiaaaans!

I had the pleasure to attend the very first SteemFest Conference in Amsterdam. As you all know: SteemFest turned out to be a one-of-a-kind event. The vibrancy, dedication, diversity and passion of all the people who came to Amsterdam from over 30 countries was truly outstanding.

During the event i have been taking lots of videos and some photos and while reviewing my footage i got the idea that i should create a SteemFest Recap Website as my contribute to the SteemFest experience. So i did!

I hope that this collection of video recordings, community content and my own imagery brings back some sweet memories for those who attended the conference.

But i also made this website for anyone who hasn't been there and wants to learn about this new movement and the people behind it. I'm going to send it out to my best friends (and so can you) and hope it will help them to understand better what makes the Steemit Crypto Community so special.

Contents of the SteemFest Recap Website:

- Random Slides (Intro featuring a lovely song by @dan-atStarLite)
- Selection of seven Keynote Presentations (re-edited)
- Collected Memories (Photos, Videos, Memes created by all of you)
- Photo Documentary by @steemychicken1

Click and enjoy!

This website is a work in progress. You are more than welcome to give me feedback on the design & contents of the site. If you have more ideas & contents to add or if you think some content should be removed please use the comments or ping me on

A big THANK YOU to @roelandp, @steemfest, @ned, @dan and everyone who has helped to make STEEM and SteemFest happen.

Disclaimer: I created the SteemFest Recap website using my very own ‑ a webspace creation tool for artists & designers. You can check it out here:

This is a 100% Power Up post.

Author: @lrock

STEEMFEST Recap Website made to preserve some collective memories...

Sunday, December 04, 2016

The Steemit dev team has been busy since the last update! We have avatars now, profiles, 100% SP badges, and updates to the wallet - just to name a few. Very cool!! Several issues have dropped off the list :)
Since other users have written posts about the new features that have been added, I will exclude things that are now done/live, and focus on things that are still in the works.

To make the report cleaner, I am now excluding issues that have not been updated since the last report. If you are curious about the status of issues not listed here, please check out the previous post or the actual GitHub issues page.
Reminder - the changes that are in this report are things that are being considered as well as being worked on. There is no guarantee that all of these will actually be implemented and put up on to the site. It does give you a good idea of what they are up to though :)

I will also use these tags to help clarify what has changed since the last report:
  • [NEW] - This is a new issue that has been added. 
  • [UPDATE] - This is an existing issue that has been updated since the last report.
Posting Rules Guide [UPDATE]

GitHub Issue 153 is adding a guide to explain the posting rules to users. Development has been worked on, but it is not complete yet. (Stay tuned!)

Upload Images [UPDATE]

GitHub Issue 396 will allow users to upload images directly into posts, rather than having to use a third party image hosting site. The issue was recently re-opened by one of the Steemit devs, so it is likely that they are planning to work on it soon.

Witness Proxy Vote [NEW]

Users are able to vote for witnesses "by proxy". Currently, the only way to do this is with the blockchain API. GitHub Issue 464 will allow users to set this via the GUI. The issue was recently assigned to a developer, so they will likely start work on it soon.

Split Blog Tab into Blog and Resteemed Tabs [NEW]

A pull request was submitted for this under GitHub Issue 616, although it turns out that a blockchain change is needed in order to support it. @bitcoiner is looking into this under Steem GitHub Issue 581.

Add Clarification to Power Down Rule [NEW]

They want to update it so that if users are unable to power down, it will show a message: This account requires N STEEM (10x account creation fee) worth of Steem Power before it can power down. This is being worked on in GitHub Issue 665.

Miscellaneous Bugfixes [UPDATE]

A lot of the issues that are being worked on right now are bugfixes. I did decide to exclude them since I think most users are just interested in seeing the enhancements. If there is interest in seeing them all here, let me know. The dev team has indicated that they are giving bugfixes high priority at the moment.

This concludes the list of relevant issues that I found to report on. There is a lot of design work going on behind the scenes related to new features, but they haven't been added to GitHub yet. Once I see them create issues for things that are being discussed/planned, I will add them to the report.

If you are interested, you can view all of the open issues here:

A reminder to vote for witnesses here:

Author: @timcliff Development Updates - The GitHub Issue Report

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