Monday, December 05, 2016

Steemit could Massively Profit from Social Media Censorship

The censorship on other social media platforms is increasing, at a very rapid pace, especially following the 2016 US presidential elections, and with all this "fake news" agitations.

It looks like the Social Media websites are becoming censors of information and they will decide what kind of news you can have and what not. It's no longer about personal choice and listening to what you like, now it's about listening to what they decide for you, and what they think it's good for you.

It's just another form of totalitarian control, and the media is becoming like a governmental department. Truly a 1984 style Ministry of Truth.

Just type in "reddit ceo" in a reputable search engine like DuckDuckGo:

Same for Facebook, just type in "facebook ceo censorship":

There are some for Twitter as well:

And why I say to use a reputable search engine line DuckDuckGo is because allegedly Google has been involved in censoring or blacklisting certain websites. But their algorithm of ranking sites is so complex that we may never know for sure, however just to make sure I would use DuckDuckGo instead. Not to mention the privacy benefits it brings.

So ladies and gentlemen, we see an increasing censorship worldwide, as if the media would act like a government, to shut down any free speech that is against their narrative.

Steemit is different, here we have a culture of free speech, and although the community can downvote certain questionable content, it is not centrally controlled, but controlled by the community.

We should all promote Steemit now more than ever, because this gives us a huge advantage. People always thirst for freedom of expression, and we can deliver this.

I cannot believe we still don't have free speech in 2016, but not for much longer. Let's make Steemit Great!

Source: Search images via DuckDuckGo

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