Tuesday, November 29, 2016

....the evolution of social media and why steemit is so important..!!


To fully appreciate the importance of STEEMIT and its timing to the MARKET you have to look back into the history of SOCIAL MEDIA and how it has evolved from the CHAT ROOMS of the 1990's.

Up until STEEMIT Global SOCIAL MEDIA has been built around a number of CENTRALISED platforms.

STEEMIT breaks this mould by being the World's FIRST DECENTRALISED PLATFORM powered on the BLOCKCHAIN.

This truly is a SOCIAL MEDIA REVOLUTION of EPIC PROPORTION and one that most people have yet to figure out..!!

Combine this ground breaking TRANSPARENCY TECHNOLOGY of pure GENIUS with the sheer potential in the future for STEEMFEST, and the results are simply MIND BLOWING..!!

The future is not tomorrow, the future was yesterday and most people are still TOTALLY UNAWARE of this once in a Generation TRANSFORMATION..!!

Thanks for reading.


Author: @stephenkendal
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