Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Building a Solid Foundation for the Steemit Community

The Responsibility for the Success of the Steemit Platform Partly Relies on Us as Users.

Today the Hardfork of the Steem blockchain is occurring. Many folks are super excited about the changes to the economy. I always like to be the one that likes to remind people that a platform is nothing unless the user base builds a solid community.
When the platform launched the high payouts attracted many folks who were only here for the large payouts. We saw what happened to them when the payouts decreased. They are no longer here and are no longer participating. There were a few thousand of us who stuck around and decided that what Steemit was doing was revolutionary. We are part of something that disrupts the status quo and it feels great.

Currently we are seeing the quality of posts rising. People are building relationships. We are slowly getting updates that help us build stronger bonds with other users. This will all help us make Steemit an amazing social media platform.

When I see people talking about Steemit in the crypto community the common theme is that we failed because the price of Steem fell off a cliff. They are right that the price of the underlying currency of Steemit has had some issues. When people tell me that I am crazy to be involved in the project I like to remind people that, "Steemit has introduced more people to the world of Crypto Currencies in the last year than all the others combined." The only one that could rival Steem would be the DAO and we know what happened there.

The DAO Meme of the Year.
The Steemit Community Needs a Strong Foundation.

I will be the first to say that the first few months could have been handled better but the past is the past. Since late August we all have been building something that has grown in strength and I believe we are ready for the next influx of new users. If the price rises considerably due to the hard fork be prepared for the tsunami of new users. If the price drops as some folks suggest then also be prepared to carry out business as usual. I know most of you who read my posts are here for the long haul.

The wisest thing the community did was have SteemFest. This three day event set the tone of cooperation, optimism and a feeling that we are part of something that could change the world. If You want a good idea of what happened at SteemFest go to this amazing website built about the event, SteemFest Recap. People love to feel that they are part of something bigger than themselves. I know @AnaHilarski and I were blown away by the power of the event.

The ones who are here for the community are the ones who will build a strong foundation for the Steemit platform. Over the next few months we may here a ton about the Steem price. This is all just noise, keep Steeming! We will be rewarded greatly if this platform grows like I think it will.

The Steemit Logo Image was by @Carlos-Cabeza

Author: @hilarski
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