Thursday, December 08, 2016

What is your "Why" of Steemit

Following the recommendation of @andrarchy I watched this very interesting video about how great leaders inspire people.

Inspiring video

In the video Simon Sinek explains that every company which manages to inspire people starts from the position of "why" and then uses this to inform "how" they do what they do, and then "what" they do (what products and services they offer). Most companies, on the other hand, start from "what" they offer and then reverse engineer "how" they go about creating their products, and finally deriving some half-hearted "why."

"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it"

After watching it we had a very interesting discussion-talk about which would be the why of Steemit.I asked him directly and he gave me a solid answer:

I think it's to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology and promote decentralized solutions to the world's biggest problems.
@beanz also put a nice paragraph together to describe how she feels about it:
The why, in my opinion is to create an economic system that frees us from our dependence on banks by making blockchain technology approachable for the mass community. Another why is to challenge and replace the current system of politics with a system of real time feedback and constant shifts in power, giving the masses the power to take down a corrupt system collectively without having to "take it to the polls" so to speak. But yes, phrasing this right is the hard part.

I replied on that by saying that for me that was too complicated and people who are not used to the idea of decentralization wouldn’t understand or care.

After couple of minutes talking and interacting with more users we came to the conclusion that we have two different approaches:

The why for the marketing side and the why related to the ideology and the real aim of this platform.

After further discussion “the content ownership” came out and we agreed that this should to be included on the why of Steemit so he gave me a sentence that I liked more than the previous one:

Accelerate the adoption of blockchain technologies to put people in control of their content.

At this point others users were also making good points:


Is it the antisystem approach the right one? I’m not sure about that, companies and investors are normally scared about anarchism and decentralization. The why for mass adoption it was the money.
We totally agreed that the money is what matters for the majority and I have to say that I first joined because a friend told me he made 2000$ with a single post back in July.

As for me...What has the blockchain technology brought to me?

Since I’ve only cashed out $19 in July just to make sure this platform wasn’t a scam, for me the most important thing in Steemit is the social interaction. The friends making machine that this platform has become is impressive.

A Spanish content creator @dresden told me the other day that for him the money wasn’t important at all. The fact that other nice people interact with him, like his content, and give him nice comments and recognition was the most valuable thing about steemit.

I’m sharing this anecdote because sometimes what it is important for some users is not important at all for others. The priorities and needs for some users can be very different. A good thing about Steemit is that it allows to fulfill most of them while enjoying the whole experience

This is my why:

In a world where people tend to get colder and faker in conventional social networks there is a social network where people actually get closer through something which may be the healthiest thing for the human mind: Creativity.

So I ask you because you belong to the early adopters and you are the pillar of the Steemit infinite wall.

What is your why?

Author: @gargon
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