Thursday, December 08, 2016

Introduce myself as the first Doctor who accepts Steem as a mean...

Introduce myself as the first Doctor who accepts Steem as a mean of payment for medical care ;)
Hello Steemit community!

As it seems to be the first thing to do, let me introduce myself to Steemit community :)

My name is Vinciane, 31Yrs old and i am actually a french doctor (General practitioner) from Aix en Provence, a really beautiful city in the south of France!

My boyfriend @damien-beverly spoke to me about Bitcoin and Steemit few weeks ago.

As he was so excited with speaking about Steemit EVERY DAY (sometime it was too much lol) , i decided to make my homework and on his advice i started to read Steemit whitepaper... trying to understand and to figure out what he always spoke about...

(Honestly,on a first place, i did it because i am a good girlfriend lol and because i was really interested in discovering what was this thing which monopolize some of our time together...)
What a good idea he had!! I've just discovered cryptocurrencies ans Steemit and i already like it !!

Waouuhhh Steemit future seems to be explosive! So many possibilities and it is so amazing to bring to people all over the world this amazing concept!!

The best thing for now that i discovered is that women are equal to men on Steemit and to be honest i like it for that!!

I discovered @heiditravels and WAOOOUUHHH this girl rocks!!
That's amazing to be able to travel like this thanks to steemit!! (I guess that it is not only thanks to steemit but still...waouhhhh!!)

So here we are!! I've just created my profile and i've just decided to begin allowing my patients to pay their medical care with bitcoin and Steem Dollars

Ok for now it is a little confusing to understand correctly how does it work (specially bitcoin wallet etc...) but my boyfriend @damien-beverly trained me everyday as soon as i have some free time so no worries ;)

For now i think that it is not so develloped in France but i think that being the first (or one of the first??) to accept this mean of payment will be my small contribution to Steemit community devellopment!!

@damien-beverly told me to identify myself so here below is my "introduceyourself" picture !


Hope that my first post will be the first of thousands in the future ;)

FOLLOW ME ;) xoxo

Hellotoday we are thursday 8th today and i've just discovered that we can "resteem" posts lol so feel free to resteem mine!
I don't really know what is it about? is it just to let our contact discover posts that we liked or is there also another reason to the "resteem" system???

Have a good day!! +++

Author: @vinciane
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