Friday, December 02, 2016

The scalability of STEEM and STEEMIT is simply MIND BLOWING..!!


The sheer scalability of STEEM and STEEMIT is simply MIND BLOWING and in this presentation I will hopefully try and explain my vision of STEEM.

First of all I would like to go back to the definition of an Ecosystem.

With a Biological Ecosystem in mind, let's look at the definition of Digital Ecosystem.

With these two visions in your mind, this is my vision of STEEM and STEEMIT..!!

With STEEM (being the money) sat at the core of the STEEM ECOSYSTEM other BLOCKCHAIN platforms would be bolted on from the core feeding back to STEEM.

For instance there would be........

STEEM(it) = Blogging Platform

STEEM(fest) = Showcasing Products

STEEM(tv) = Television Streaming

STEEM(host) = Hosting Streaming

STEEM(co) = Corporate Hosting

STEEM(enterprise) = Enterprise Hosting

STEEM(education) = Schools and Colleges Hosting

STEEM(gov) = Government Hosting

STEEM(video) = Video Hosting

STEEM(news) = News Hosting

......the list is LIMITLESS..!!

I have said it before and will say it again Dan and Ned are pure GENIUSES..!!

The scalability of STEEM, STEEMIT, and STEEMFEST are simply MIND BLOWING and from a branding perspective is a MARKETING DREAM.

As I mentioned yesterday there is more to STEEMIT than just Blogging, STEEMIT has the potential to catapult STEEM and the STEEM ECOSYSTEM to a level that would take even the smartest of people by surprise.

STEEMIT is just the Tip of the Iceberg..!!

Thanks for reading.


Author: @stephenkendal
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