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Busy December News : Official release date, Features, Gift, Infos


December News about your next-gen social network platform based on the Steem Blockchain

November was a busy month, very exciting and a bit hectic, but we love it! With SteemFest, (awesome people & events), and our announcement last week which raised particular interest in the Steem community, we want to thank you all!

Our announcement post has been resteemed more than 100 times! A great record!
And beyond the good response from the steemians with all these constructive comments, encouragement, questions, donations, our core team @ekitcho @fabien @p0o @nil1511 and @yamadapc did also a tremendous work on behalf of the Busy beta release with even more gusto.

We’re getting ready for 2017 !

Our Schedule. Some official date

What to expect in the next few weeks from the Busy Team

Monday, 5 December:

SteemConnect beta release: 

  • We will publicly announce the SteemConnect beta release in the next few days. Its potential is underestimated, and we believe this tool will allow many possibilities on the Steem blockchain for developers with complete safety for user key. Busy team will provide couple Tutorials during December to explain quick examples of what can be built with SteemConnect (SteemComment module like Disqus, Auth/Login base layer on third-party apps on Steem, Voting module on Wordpress blogs, etc.)

Imagine the idea of a Steem App Store with all authorized apps where you can log in with your Steem Account credentials in complete safety, use your Light Wallet, edit your global Profile, check your account Activity, select the app you want to use, etc. Busy will be the first project to use SteemConnect

Busy Closed Alpha release

  • We’re opening our platform to a selection of Steem users. Mostly developers, active members. We have limited slots for this closed/private test and will integrate more people on a weekly basis. The goal is to have useful and quick feedbacks from key members on our development until the Public Beta release. It is a fantastic opportunity to encourage emulation among players who want to discover the project and maybe build new projects on top of the Busy platform. All selected members for this private test shall be notified by message or email next Monday with a release note and invitation.

Wednesday, 1 February:

Busy Open Beta release:

  • platform will be officially open to every Steemians from February 2017! Only two months left to wait. That will allow our team to finish some key features properly and offer a Minimum Viable Product to our community, bringing new members and initiatives on our platform (assuming that adequate funding will be available at next stage)

Busy Features

What you can expect in our Beta Release (Q1 2017):
  • Secure login with
  • All essential features (Votes, Posts, Comments, Search)
  • Custom user profile (Picture + Cover + Extra information)
  • Embedding all famous types of digital content (Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Twitch, Twitter, etc.) directly on the Feed
  • Internationalization : Interface with five languages
  • Favorite categories and users
  • Bookmark posts
  • Notifications
  • Private message
  • Public Chat Channels based on categories (#photography, #travel, #art, etc.)
  • Improved Markdown / Post Editor with in-post Image upload
  • Drafts manager
  • Different layouts to read/browse the content and improved navigation (Feed, List, Grid)

On a daily basis, Steem users who have access to our private Alpha will see updates on these features. Most of them are already implemented and need some fix to work correctly in the Q1 2017 Beta release.

More than 1000 commits on our Busy Github !

Busy December Alpha Release prototype Gif(t) 

Donations & Business model
We are working on our Donation Terms&Policy to allow more people to donate, enjoy the benefits of their donation in suitable conditions: several Donation level/ranks will be defined.
Thanks to our Donors this month, Steemit Inc, @smooth, @liondani, @furion & @steemsports, @theprophet0
Busy support the Proposed Upgrade for Blockchain Incentives
Check @steemitblog post 
We have been working on this idea for a while, before the steemitblog post, and even discussed it with other people from the community like @furion (SteemQ, SteemSports) and @good-karma (eSteem) in Amsterdam, to figure out what would be the solution for others apps to flourish, have incentives, adopt a solid and viable business model. Busy and @busy.witness will support this proposal. 
The funds received will be redirected into a community driven development fund that can help bootstrap new features and services and cover Busy expenses and development. It will allow Busy to reduce our reliance on Donations and become an autonomous non-profit structure.

How to support Busy 
  • We're hiring Experienced and talented Designer (Branding), UI/UX Designers, Marketers, Writers, as well as new businesses or apps that want to integrate the Busy Platform. If you feel like you can contribute to the project, feel free to contact us. 
  • Resteem / Share this post, and
  • Spread the word 
  • Vote for our Witness @busy.witness
  • Donate to @busy

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